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The Artist's’ Work-space Program at Drawing Rooms,on our third floor, has become an important part our art center’s activities at our 180 Grand Street location.

Now that the work of renovation on the third floor of our former convent building is done, artists who form the core of our organization are able to rent studios and share their work with the public during Open Studio weekends throughout the year.


A great addition to our second floor exhibition rooms, the Work-spaces create a place where artists can work together and invite the public into the art-making process.


Artists for 2016/17 include:

Jill Scipione, Anne Trauben, Maggie Ens, Geoffrey Sokol, Roger Sayre and Gregory Letson.




Rainbow Thursdays Artists is our community-based art education program connecting disabled adults with professional artists who provide them with materials, training and encouragement to express themselves through art. High school students interested in art also visit as assistants.

These classes are presented free of charge, and are funded in part by a CDBG grant from the City of Bayonne.


This weekly outreach art program in cooperation with Windmill Alliance, is now in its fourth full year of operation and many of our participants are advancing in their creativity and skills and are developing an identity as an artist.

About forty program participants meet weekly to learn painting and drawing with three to four artist/teachers at Windmill Center for developmentally disabled adults, 5th and Broadway, Bayonne, NJ. Up to twenty visiting artists from the NJ/NY area also meet with the students and share their artwork and instruction.


The program encompasses study of great artworks, the natural world, and images of people through books and photographs, and encourages each participant to understand drawing as their unique visual language with which they can create realistic and abstract form and systems, and express emotion and ideas through line and color. The population at Windmill may have very varying capabilities, but everyone participates enthusiastically and many come up with surprising results.

We also organize exhibitions throughout the year for our Rainbow Artists to share and show their work both at our Drawing Rooms location and at community spaces throughout the area, such as the Bayonne Public Library. The opportunity to exhibit and even sell their artwork to family, friends and many supporters in the community allows our Rainbow Artists to become visible and valued in a new way.


Artworks and Artists from Victory Hall Inc.'s

Rainbow Thursdays program

at Windmill Center, Bayonne, NJ. 2016.